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PURPOSE: The jacklondonsnark.com website has been established and ongoing for the promotional preservation of the SNARK and it's history with the worldwide recognition of foremost writer/novelist Jack London. San Francisco born at the turn of last century's early 1900's. Today London's books are celebrated worldwide with over 50 books in multiple languages and countries.

PROJECT: SNARK, San Francisco, "SNARK SF" is envisioned to be instrumental in the bringing forth of the building of the full scale historic replica of the London ship, the 57' ketch with clipper bow and copper bottom - to be available for multipurpose use, including but not limited to, charters, advertising, movies, educational sail training and promotional enterprise... (all inclusive).


The website is for information/news/reports & ALL things "SNARK SF"


A "Symbolic" Noah's ARK of Knowledge

(The whole shipload!)

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