Jack London Snark

San Francisco

Model Available for Purchase...




1/2" to 1' Authentic scale model of Jack London's 1906-07 vintage ketch-rigged 57' sailboat. 


The model was on display at the 100th anniversary of the sailing of the SNARK EXHIBIT; Oakland, CA Waterfront Jack London Sq 2007. This unique model also was 10 years in the prestigious ST. Francis Yacht Club of San Francisco  As one of the yachts of California.


The valued RARE model is an original, constructed plank on frame, designed and copyrighted by the creator of The Jack London Snark model (Warren Watson maritime artist [1924-1999]).


This special model is the only model of the 1906-07 SNARK to be offered ANYWHERE. And is a $75,000 museum and collector's piece.





 Those Interested in Owning this RARE Masterpiece, Please Contact Toby J. Watson.

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