Jack London Snark

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Fate of The SNARK     

The fate of the SNARK after Jack London 1909.


The SNARK was sold in Sydney, Australia ending the cruise of 1907 - 1909 with Jack London.  Afterward the SNARK had several owners and uses, mainly used as coconut cargo ship for plantations in the New Hebrides, now Vanuatu area.

The SNARK never left the area.  More than once it sank and was salvaged and altered.  Off the coast of a coconut plantation during a severe storm, the SNARK sank with the main-mast driven down into the sea bottom.

Dynamite was used to free the ship.  Eventually through an unknown event the SNARK was completely destroyed and the stern and parts washed ashore on an unnamed coast line of the area.

Photos of a piece of the stern are in archives of a library in either Sydney or Melbourne, Australia.

The last known location of the SNARK was at Naturel Freres, Planters, Api, New Hebrides. 

These photos below are the only known remaining of the SNARK's last days.














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